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Lacquer Artists

Qiao Shiguang

Considered the “father of the wood and lacquer art movement in China,” Qiao Shiguang is an artist whose work spans over 40 years of experience and a variety of subject matters. From pastoral scenes to portraits to still-life paintings, his works illustrate his mastery of the demanding technique of lacquer art.

1961 Graduated from Central Academy of Arts and Design, majoring in fresco painting.
1962—1963 Learned decorative art skills from traditional lacquer masters in Fuzhou. Painted “Water Town, ” “Noodles of Fujian,” and “Suzhou Scenery.”
1964 Graduated from Central Academy of Arts and Design with M.A., remains at the school as a teacher.
1979 Commissioned to provide interior art at Capital Airport, with the assistance of artist Shi Xuanrong and students.

Completed works “Water Town in South China,” “Rosy Clouds in Southern Sea,” and “Plum of Tai Lake.”
1986 Participated in Chinese lacquer painting exhibition at National Art Museum of China. Along with artist Sun Shi Hao, Qiao Shiguang completed a fresco lacquer painting for the Chinese Embassy in Belgium.

Accompanied visiting Chinese contemporary lacquer exhibit in the former Soviet Union. His work was exhibited at the Almitash Museum in present-day St. Petersburg and the State Museum of Oriental Art in Moscow. Two of his pieces are collected by the museum.
1987 An exhibit of Qiao Shiguang’s lacquer paintings is held at the National Art Museum of China in Beijing. Eleven of his pieces are added to the museum’s collection.

Took part in organizing Beijing lacquer art exhibition at the National Art Museum of China.
1989 Spring, held solo exhibit at the Sino-Japan Friendship Conference Center gallery in Tokyo. His work “Impression of Desert” was entered in the 7th national art exhibition.

Fall, held solo exhibitions throughout Japan.
1990 Took part in forming the Chinese Lacquer Art Research Committee and served as the Chair. Organized the first VIP exhibition of the committee.
1993 Held solo exhibit at Nagano, Japan. “Qiao Shiguang Lacquer Art Series” is published by Fujian Art Press.
1996 Solo exhibit at National Art Museum of China. “Disciple,” “Impression of Gangzi Temple,” and “Spring Orchard” are added to the museum’s collection.
2000 Editor of “Chinese Art Education Series, Art Volume: Lacquer,” published by China Arts Academy Press.

Group exhibition at National Art Museum of China. “The Autum Scenery of Jiu Zhai” is collected by the museum. Establish studio in Caoyang district in Beijing. Participated in Chinese Lacquer Art Committee in Xiamen.
2001 Appointed Vice-Chair of the Lacquer Painting Society of China Artists Association.
2002 The Lacquer Art Council of the National Art and Crafts Association is formed, and Qiao Shiguang is appointed Chair.
2004 Qiao Shiguang’s collected works in “Discussing Lacquer Art” is published by the People’s Arts Press. “Watertown of Luzhi” participates in the Tenth National Art Exhibition. Served as judge for the Tenth National Art Exhibition Multi-Media Exhibit.

Editor of “The Complete Works of Traditional Chinese Design: Lacquer Art Volume.” Published by Elephant Press.

Established the Qiao Shiguang Lacquer Arts Studio.

QIAO Shiguang
QIAO Shiguang
QIAO Shiguang

QIAO Shiguang
QIAO Shiguang

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